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Please find below the links to the videos we have produced from the Expedition. They are all on YouTube on the ‘paddlethewaters‘ channel, we will upload them and post the link on this site as they are produced. We hope you enjoy!

[Trouvez ci-bas le lien des vidéos que nous avons produites pour notre dernière Expédition. Elles sont toutes sur notre poste YouTube  ‘paddlethewaters‘. Nous allons les télécharger au fur et à mesure et mettre leur lien sur cette page web. Amusez-vous! ]



#1: Expedition 2012 Source to Sea [de la Source à la Mer] – Stage 1/5

#2: Expedition Source-to-Sea 2012 – Stage 2: The Athabasca River

#3: Expedition Source-to-Sea 2012 – Stage 3: Slave River & Great Slave Lake

#4: Expedition Source-to-Sea 2012 Stage 4: Mackenzie River, Part 1/2

#5:Expedition Source-to-Sea 2012 Stage 4: Mackenzie River & Arctic Ocean, Part 2/2 


6 thoughts on “Our Videos”

  1. Hello Ben and Vicki,
    I’ve enjoyed watching your video with photos and seeing some familiar places. And congrats on your engagement.
    Dan, Alice, Koby and Ava Fei

  2. Hey Ben and Vicki

    Its Richard, I use to work with you guys at the sawridge (security)
    I came across your website some how through some one in Jasper

    Your trip looked like it was awesome, your quiet the explorers
    Would love to hear from you guys and what your up to?

    Hope your well
    Take care

  3. interesting video , we plan to visit north west territories
    what about feeding dog
    you did not talked about

    1. Hi Christian,
      We fed Tallak dry dog-food. We provided him 300g a day (3 cups) and a weekly assortment of chew-bones and biscuits. We had each day’s worth of food in a sandwich bag and every week was vacuum-sealed in its own larger bag. This worked out to be a total of 44.6kg for the whole trip, distributed between our initial departure point and 2 food-drops further along our route.
      We supplemented his diet when we caught fish, and Tallak usually got lucky when we met people and had a good few sausages or other treats!

  4. hi guys.thanks for sharing your wonderful trip with us. going on the mackenzie river starting july just wonder regarding clothes and type of tent u recommend, thanks again rafi

    1. Hi Rafi,
      We used a tipi with an inner-tent from Tentipi so we would have room to stand, stretch out or live in it if the weather closed in. Its large enough for a fire inside so is very comfortable for two. Anything large enough to be spacious and keep the rain and bugs out will do you well.
      I always recommend wool clothing, same heat retaining properties even when 80% saturated, whereas cotton wicks heat away. Bear in mind we had some remarkably hot days, almost 40C near Fort Providence! We wore a lot of clothing from Ibex, a US company which is great stuff, but expensive. Wind and water-proof outer shell is also very important when on the river. It is windy and when it rains, it really rains!

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