Tallak is a Norwegian Elkhound and is the latest addition to our Expedition Team. Tallak was born in September and joined us in early December. His endless enthusiasm and bountiful character make him a lot of fun!

We got Tallak from Norwegian Elkhound breeders Wayne and Audrey Schmoland (http://www.moonlightvalley.info/) in Edson, a few hours from Jasper National Park.

With us heading out into remote territory, it was decided that the best predator protection would in fact be an early warning system in the form of a dog. The Norwegian Elkhound was decided upon as they are known as ‘The Viking Dog‘, and if you look into their history it is hard to find what they have not been trained, bred, or used for throughout history. Listed as Scent Hounds, we are hoping Tallak will live up to the breeds reputation and sniff out any trouble heading our way long before we encounter it…

A true powder-dog – Tallak loves nothing more than to play, roll and dig in the snow, so I hope he finds something he enjoys equally in the summer!

2 thoughts on “Tallak”

  1. Wishing you a safe, successful and fun trip.

    All the best,

    PS … I’m the guy who was kidding you about taking along the 12 gauge defender.

  2. Welcome to the SAHTU REGION! And safe travels the rest of the journey.
    I live in this beautiful region and i have yet to canoe on the river, after reading about your story i want to plan a trip. ­čÖé

    All the best!

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