Hot meals are always welcome, and far nicer than cold in my opinion. As such, we have prepared a menu for the trip with 3 hot meals a day supplemented by snacks and tea/coffee. So far, we are dehydrating and vacuum sealing all of our meals ourselves at home.

The plan is to have 3 Ration Sets. Our first Ration Set is for Stage I; that is, for the hike to the glacier and the canoe back to Jasper. Our main supply will be waiting for us at Jasper to be collected on the way through along with our long-term equipment, and will contain 85kg, 100 days’ worth of food. Our only re-supply (that we will have prepared beforehand) along the way will be at Norman Well, where we will be sending one package of approximately 30-32kg containing over 30 days’ worth of food and extra’s (spare batteries, etc.).

Our totals below are works-in-progress, and are based upon our experience up to know with testing recipes and weighing each meal as we dehydrate it for a camping trip. We have not weighed all of our chosen recipes yet, but will update accordingly as we progress. Before we dehydrated any food, our weight was almost 190kg, so gaining an understanding of dehydrating has dropped the weight immensely!


Rations based upon 140days (8 extra), 2 people.


Dehydrated meals:

            Breakfast (Brk):                   21kg         (150g avg. per day)

            Lunch (Lun):                      30.8kg         (220g avg. per day)

            Dinner (Din):                     30.8kg         (220g avg. per day)



            Jerky:                                   8.4kg         (60g per day – 16 strips)

            Trail Mix (Trl Mix):             22.4kg         (160g per day)



            Coffee                                  1.4kg         (4 cups per week -10g per day)

            Hot Chocolate                     0.7kg         (1 cup per week, 5g daily)

            Tea                                       2.1kg         (840bags – 6 per day – 15g, 2.5g each)



            Salt/Cayenne Pepper         100g         (10:1 ratio)

            Black Pepper                         50g

            Brown Sugar                        100g

            Powdered Milk                       1kg

            Honey                                      1kg


Total weight:                     119.85kg      (<120kg permitted)

Rations Per Set

 Ration set 1)    7 days, 150km. Sunwapta Falls – Jasper

 5.88kg           Staple:                 Brk 1.05kg/ Lun 1.54kg / Din 1.54kg /

                        Snacks:                Jerky 0.42kg / Trl Mix 1.12kg

                        Beverages:         42 Tea bags 0.105kg / Coffee 0.07kg / Hot Chocolate 0.035kg


Ration Set 2)    55 days, 1421km. Jasper – Fort Smith

 75.465kg         Staple:                 Brk 5.5kg/ Lun 33kg / Din 22kg

                        Snacks:                Jerky 3.3kg / Trl Mix 8.8kg

                        Beverages:         330 Tea bags 0.825kg / Coffee 0.24kg / Hot Chocolate 0.495kg

                        Condiments:       Salt 0.8kg /Pepper 0.05kg /Sugar 0.07kg /Milk 0.8kg / Honey 0.8kg

Awaiting us at home in Jasper.


 Ration Set 3)    42 days, 1410km. Fort Smith – Norman Wells

 56.465kg      Staple:                 Brk 4.2kg/ Lun 25.2kg / Din 16.8kg

                        Snacks:                Jerky 2.52kg / Trl Mix 6.72kg

                        Beverages:         252 Tea bags 0.63kg / Coffee 0.195kg

                        Condiments:       Milk 0.1kg / Honey 0.1kg

Posted to Fort Smith (location in town to be determined – probably Post Office)


Ration Set 4)    34 days, 840km. Norman Wells – Tuktoyaktuk

 45.72kg         Staple:                 Brk 3.4kg/ Lun 20.4kg / Din 13.6kg

                        Snacks:                Jerky 2.04kg / Trl Mix 5.44kg

                        Beverages:         204 Tea bags 0.51kg / Coffee 0.13kg

                        Condiments:       Milk 0.1kg / Honey 0.1kg

Posted to Norman Wells (location in town to be determined – probably Post Office)

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